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Tips for winter care: 8 tips to maintain self hygiene and maintaining immune system.

Tips for Winter care : 8 ways to keep maintain self hygiene and keep well boosted immune system.

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Winter care tips:  The days have gotten shorter and nights are longer, this indicates that officially winter has come. Winter have surely arrived and comes up with Some diseases and allergies. Here are some tips to avoid this issues and nurturing your self. This article include some tips to maintain hygiene and health tips for both kids and adults that should be keep in mind to keep allergies & diseases out of the house. Winter means Warm sweaters, Blankets, woven scarves need to pull out from the closet. Winter indicates we should keep our immune system boosted and nurture our body. We need to keep our body warm and cozy And also this winter months comes up with various diseases like cold, cough, asthma, chest congestion and other spreadable diseases. This diseases such a outcome of weather changes and some of this disease because of hygiene and cleanliness issues that often get ignored during this season. 

Below are some Hygiene and Health tips for both kids and adults to keep in mind during winter season to keep allergies and diseases at bay.

1. Disinfection of surfaces:

During winter Coronavirus or any other spreadable diseases does not only require regular hand wash and masks but also need to wipe down of doorknobs, countertops, light switches and common surfaces for extra protection. These are the surfaces that we often forget to check and make it clean and disinfecting. Fortunately, it is easy to get rid of and keep it clean these surfaces with various trusted brands, disinfectants spray or simple wioe down with disinfecting wipes.

2. Washing your hands on regular basis:

 We know from study that Most of the infections and respiratory allergies or diseases spread it from one person to another through hands. Specially younger childrens are who don't wash their hands as often as required.

Bacteria and infectious organisms at thrive on your hands and can be passed on to everything you touch Plastic, Metal Things and including food also. So as per scientists studies you and your child's should wash hands after you have been to the bathroom or after you have handled the food. Researchers stated that we should use disinfectant soap or hand wash and remember to scrub your hands thoroughly for a minimum 20-30 seconds as it is the scrubbing removes the germs. 

3. Bathing regularly:

During winter months human body need to maintain a healthy heart rate and warm heated body. Hyperthermic effect has a direct effect on your body, specially on your heart in Winters. We tend to ignore this morning ritual of bathing regular during the winter and this means risks to hyperthermic effect on your body. To avoid and get well maintained heated body and healthy heart rate during winter, we should rinse our body with gentle paraben free soaps and with warm water. The hyperthermic effect has direct impacting your body and bathing regularly with warm water can help you to maintain heart rate, warm heated body and hygiene also.

4. Well-Ventilated Rooms: 

We know that from our parents and relatives belief that the shutting down doors and windows from the cold breeze, but it is important to understand that to by allowing fresh air and sunshine make fresh environment and penetrate the room. As per research there are millions of microbes tend to expand and multiply itself in damp closed rooms, so opening windows and and letting fresh air and sun rays can penetrate and makes it wonder.

5. Washing and wearing clean clothes:

Usually when we come home from outside we go straight into to the shower and we add our clothes that we have been wearing to be washed pile, but this doesn't work for the winter clothes. We do hang clothes to the 'already worn' space, but our garments and clothes need to keep disinfectant. Whenever your child wearing clothes we should keep in mind that clothes are properly detergent and disinfectant spray so that dust and germs which may have accumulated from the wardrobe for long gets disinfectant and washed away so out kids remain healthy and warm heated.

6. Sterilizing Blankets and comforters:

In India sunning Blankets, comforters and dohars are age old ritual that are we followed in our households. This method not only help to cleaning dust mites, fungicide and in severe cases found to be effective in asthma and allergies during winter season. Though, it is important to get sterilization and disinfectant them too.

7. Dusting common surfaces and household things:

it is critical to get rid of from the dust during winters. It is a time when we mostly spend our time indoors because cold weather and remain lime hibernation until spring. When we not follow daily Dusting & cleaning routine it can leads to high level of allergies, respiratory and skin diseases. So, it is much needed to dusting commonly used surfaces and other household things like fan, heaters, tables, etc. with soft clothe can help a lot.

8. Consume hot beverages:

Hot beverages winter

Commonly we drink beverages that are not hot or not maintain to keep you warmer, but it is essential to drink hot water, tea, coffee or other hot beverages during winters to maintain body temperature warm and to maintain body fluid that keep you energize and well immune.

So concluding that it is important to keep maintain hygiene to avoid diseases and also infectionlike COVID-19.  Also, we need to follow physical distancing rules, thoroughly washing your hands often is key element to controlling the pandemic situation.

Reference by - Dr Chaman Ram Verma, Dean at NIMS University (Jaipur), 


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